Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two Bits (1995), as Gitano Sabatoni

Two Bits (1995) movie poster

Two Bits was directed by James Foley and the screenplay writen by Joseph Stefano, and was released on November 22, 1995. The film's title "two bits" refers to the American slang term for a quarter dollar.

Two Bits storyline following the life of Gennaro Spirito, a 12-year old young boy from South Philly in summer day in 1933, where he lives with widowed mom Luisa Spirito, and his grandpa, Gitano.

His grandpa sits outside holding tight to his last quarter, which he's promised to Gennaro and which Gennaro would like to have to buy a ticket to the plush new movie theater. But grandpa's not ready to pass on the quarter or pass on to his final reward: he has some unfinished business with a woman from his past, and he enlists Gennaro to act as his emissary.

Al Pacino appeared in the film as a personal favor to director James Foley because he had a great time working with him on Glengarry Glen Ross (1992).


Al Pacino as Gitano Sabatoni
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Luisa Spirito
Jerry Barone as Gennaro Spirito
Andy Romano as Dr. Bruna
Patrick Borriello as Tullio
Donna Mitchell as Mrs. Bruna
Joe Grifasi as Uncle Joe
Mary Lou Rosato as Aunt Carmela


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