Saturday, July 17, 2010

...And Justice for All (1979) - Arthur Kirkland

...And Justice For All poster - Al Pacino
...And Justice For All, the last four words of the Pledge of Allegiance, were taken as the title for this courtroom drama movie. It directed by Norman Jewison and the screenplay written by Valerie Curtin and Barry Levinson. ...And Justice For All received two Academy Award nominations for the Best Actor in a Leading role (Pacino) and Best Original Screenplay.

Al Pacino plays as Arthur Kirkland, an idealistic defense attorney in Baltimore, forced to defend Henry T. Fleming, a judge who ever has had problems with him in the past. The judge has been accused of rape on a young woman. Kirkland past problem with Judge Fleming including one incident where he is on a charge of contempt of court for having thrown a punch at him when the judge wrongly sentenced his client Jeff McCullaugh because of a technicality. Now Kirkland faces a moral and legal dilemma ..

...And Justice For All stars Al Pacino as defense attorney Arthur Kirkland, John Forsythe as Judge Henry T. Fleming, Jack Warden Judge Francis Rayford, Lee Strasberg as his Grandfather Sam Kirkland, Craig T. Nelson, and Thomas G. Waites as Kirkland's client Jeff McCullaugh. In this film Al Pacino for the second time (after The Godfather Part II) was acted alongside his legendary acting teacher, Lee Strasberg.


Al Pacino ... Arthur Kirkland
John Forsythe ... Judge Henry T. Fleming
Lee Strasberg ... Sam Kirkland
Jack Warden ... Judge Francis Rayford
Christine Lahti ... Gail Packer
Jeffrey Tambor ... Jay Porter
Dominic Chianese ... Carl Travers
Craig T. Nelson ... Frank Bowers


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