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Dick Tracy (1990) - Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice

Dick Tracy movie poster
Dick Tracy based on the 1930s comic strip character of the same name created by Chester Gould. Al Pacino plays as Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice, the leading crime cyndicate boss whose aggressively taking over small businesses in the city (for his performance, Pacino received Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor). The film produced and directed by Warren Beatty, who also starred as the main character, Dick Tracy.

Dick Tracy film rights were initially owned in 1975 by Michael Laughlin, who gave up his option from Tribune Media Services. In 1977, Floyd Mutrux and Art Linson purchased the film rights from the Tribune Media Services. They took the property to Paramount Pictures, whose brought in Universal Pictures to co-finance its production.

Walter Hill then came on board to direct with Joel Silver as producer. Hill approached Warren Beatty for the title role. Beatty reportedly wanted $5 million plus fifteen percent of the box office gross, and Universal refused to accept.

Al pacino as big Boy Caprice in Dick Tracy, with MadonnaThe film rights then reverted back to Tribune Media Services. Beatty decided to option the Dick Tracy rights himself. Dick Tracy production resurfaced with Beatty as director, producer and leading role.

The financing for Dick Tracy came from Disney's Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners, and Mulholland Productions (Warren Beatty's production company). The film reach $47 million production cost and $54 million additional marketing campaign cost. Walt Disney comics also released "Dick Tracy: The Tommy Guns and Truehearts Trilogy" as part of marketing campaign, which explained the back story leading up to the movie.

Alongside Beatty and Pacino, Dick Tracy features supporting roles from Madonna as Breathless Mahoney, Glenne Headly Tess Trueheart, and Charlie Korsmo as The Kid.

For his role, Al Pacino designed Big Boy Caprice's make-up himself and completely re-imagined the character. John Caglione Jr., make-up designer who's his final design of Big Boy Caprice matches the intended design conceived by Al Pacino, then became Pacino's personal make-up man in all of his rest films. In Dick Tracy, Al Pacino also co-stars with James Caan, who previously played Sonny Corleone in The Godfather (1972).


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